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Vastu Glimpse

  • Ensure that your light levels of home at all rooms are between 100 – 300 Lux with Natural light, so far as possible during day time. Adjust your Door and Window sizes to allow such light.
  • Ideally look for a house that has less noise. Ideally <60 decibels with all doors and windows open.
  • Keep all 4 directions of your house open, so far as possible. This will allow the energy of all directions to interact. Closed directions bring in issue pertaining to those areas
  • Best houses are build in either Square (1:1 ratio) or Rectangle (1:2 ratio) .
  • Place a Water fall or fountain or fish aquarium in the North for prosperity.
  • Keep kitchen in South East.
  • Keep bed rooms in South West for Adults and North or East for Kids.
  • Keeping bowls of salt in wash rooms is must and if possible keep salt in several corners of your house. Salt is believed to absorb negative energy.
  • Put bells in NorthWest section of your house.
  • Just a couple of tips are here.... Please look for details in Services


Numerology is a very ancestral science which evolves around numbers.  These are those, which associate to us in anyway.  These could be our date of birth, date of birth of people we live and work with, cell phone, house, car’s registration and so on so forth.

Unveil the hidden mystery of why there are some pattern of events in your life.  How can you unfold the mystery of numbers to avoid some numbers which trend to trouble and harness better energy from the numbers which help you.


The discipline of touchless healing is a fantastic option for the common person to stay healthy by following the basic principles of living, besides healing to commonly known issues.

The touchless healing system has such immense powers that positive health results have been found in patients with severs health issues like Stage 3 Cancer, chronic asthma, Oystro or rheumatic arthritis, etc.


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